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Union Baptist Church - North Charleston, SC

We are the Church that sits beside the road where Everybody is Somebody and GOD is All.

In the Beginning....

The History of Union Baptist Church




Founded:  March 6, 1871 by the late Rev. R. Ford and was located in what was known as the Harbor.  The Church later relocated to the Deas Hill section. 

Colors: Red and white
Motto: "We are the Church that sits beside the road where Everybody is Somebody and God Is All !"  


Rev. Ford


Rev. Jones

Pastoral Staff: The church has been under the leadership of various under Sheppard thru the years. Union Baptist Church is currently guided under the Pastorship of Rev. Dr. Elden Heyward and presently have  one associate Pastor, Pastor Debra Stevens, and  (2) associate ministers, Minister Jennie Bennett, and Minister Frank Manigault. 

Deaons and Deaconess:  

  • Deacon James Vanderhorst, Jr, Deacon Ministry Chairman
  • Deacon Preston Vinson, , Vice President
  • Deacon William McFadden, 2nd Vice President
  • Deacon James Allen (E)
  • Deacon Anthony Gibson
  • Deacon Melvin Nation

  • Deaconess Grace Vanderhorst, 
  • Deaconess Jeanette Allen, 
  • Deaconess Terri Vinson, 
  • Deaconess Denise Gibson, 
  • Deaconess Rosetta Holmes, 
  • Deaconess Mary Hutchinson, 
  • Deaconess Thelma Gantlin.  
  • Deaconess Naomi Nation
  • Deaconess Jeanette McFadden


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