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Founded:  March 6, 1871 by the late Rev. R. Ford and was located in what was known as the Harbor. 
The Church later relocated to the Deas Hill section. 

Colors: Red and white

Motto: "We are the Church that sits beside the road where Everybody is Somebody and God Is All !"  

Current Deacons and Deaconess:  

  • Deacon James Vanderhorst, Jr, Deacon Ministry Chairman

  • Deacon Preston Vinson,  Vice President

  • Deacon William McFadden, 2nd Vice President

  • Deacon James Allen (E)

  • Deacon Anthony Gibson

  • Deacon Melvin Nation

  • Deaconess Grace Vanderhorst, 

  • Deaconess Jeanette Allen, 

  • Deaconess Terri Vinson, 

  • Deaconess Denise Gibson, 

  • Deaconess Rosetta Holmes, 

  • Deaconess Mary Hutchinson,   

  • Deaconess Naomi Nation

  • Deaconess Jeanette McFadden

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